The Magic of On-Location Recording
Chris Brown's On Location Recording Rig
Have you ever been in the woods just after 6 plus inches of snow fell? There is an eerie silence created
by the snow acting as a sound insulator. There can be no wind, so the proper circumstances for outdoor
recording may only happen a few times a year if you live in (or can get to) a cold climate. You find a
clearing surrounded by snow covered trees, and now you can distance mic further from your
instruments than you could in any studio.

We are all dominant right-brained musicians, so it should not be hard to come up with other creative
ways to use on location recording equipment.
The secret lies in microphones, surrounding acoustics
and being portable. You can tailor the room and equipment to the specific instrumentation and
playing style of the performers. It is a capability that recording facilities simply do not have. They
cannot have this ability, because tracking rooms are not portable.

Sound engineer, Chris Brown, is an expert in this arena. The following video shows him on location
recording in Youngstown, Ohio. Check it out...