Step 8 - Editing
At this point, the tracking is complete, the producer has listened to the
content, and hopefully (if we have tracked well) we will have more
artistic edits than corrective.

Use multitrack audio editing software.

If you chose multitrack audio editing software for the tracking phase,
you are in good shape now. Determine what recording equipment is
needed to fulfill the producer's artistic needs. All audio equipment can
easily be acquired.
If an audio selection must be moved to a new recording setup or
studio, consolidate the selection back (on your time-line) to the
beginning of the piece or a transient that occurs on every channel of
your multitrack recording.
The transient allows you to line up channels after the move without any guesswork.
The Record Producer will delve deeper into specific production techniques
that you can use during the editing phase. Here is one example...

Line up transients.

Using multitrack editing software, you can align audio
selections so that they begin simultaneously.
This will help with rhythm sections when they become "rhythmically
challenged", and it always helps vocal harmonies if the audio files on each
vocal channel were recorded at different times or in different rooms.