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To avoid embarrassing Nelson, I originally decided not to
publicize his incarceration. However, the Maricopa County
Sheriff's Office (led by Sherrif Joe Arpaio) publicized it already.
Nelson has not even received a trial yet, so obviously their
publication is immoral and slanderous. Truthfully, Nelson is too
honorable to burden himself with an emotion that is as petty as

This is his Story…

Nelson Foster was born to a poor, single mother, in a Chicago
Hospital, in 1964. He was born several months premature.
Doctors told his mother that he would not survive the night, and
that they were sorry for her loss.
Our friend, Nelson Foster...
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A Method To
        My Madness...

NUMBERS, J.U.N.X. Radio,
and Art Beyond Audio;
what does it all mean? For
me, it means the end of a
corporate stranglehold
over the recording industry.

The new release date
for NUMBERS is:
November 26th.

On Thursday, November
26th when you visit your
music site and download
you favorite song, you will
be contributing to the end
of shoved out, corporate,
"B.S." music. How?
Independent artists have already proven that they can produce
their own albums, and distribute them to fans online. However,
there are a couple of problems.
One: getting radio play. And
Two: The recordings do not always sound that great. Take
NUMBERS for example. I wrote the songs, sang, played drums,
guitars, and keyboards, I did all of the beat programming,
editing, mixing, mastering, and produced the Album in its
entirety. Why? I did it all, because I did not have a budget for
help. It has taken 12 years for me to learn how to do it all.

Getting radio play is tough for any unsigned artist, and it is
virtually impossible to do on corporate radio stations.
 The “evil-practices” of the recording industry are not just
conspiracy theories. The RIAA truly is the umbrella corporation.
In fact, they proudly advertize it on their website which reads,
“RIAA members create - 85%  of all ‘legitimate’ sound
recordings”. Unsigned artists can be denied membership, yet
Sound Exchange (their collection body) can collect
performance royalties on their behalf.
 Now, terrestrial radio has
no incentive to play
independents; and it is
virtually impossible for
independent Internet radio
to survive.
I am not just another
artist shouting, “buy my
album” to the masses
. I
have spent the last 5 years
building these businesses
one E-brick at a time!
        Art Beyond Audio
    and J.U.N.X. Radio are
business models that solve
         these problems.
The vision of ABA, which Chris
Brown and I shared back in 2004;
is a recording business that allows
independent artists, producers, and
engineers to meet and create
       production teams.
Connected in cyberspace, they are not
limited by the room-tone or equipment
    of one specific studio.
The independents of the future can
decide what they are best at, and can
contribute that talent to others.

J.U.N.X. Radio is an idea that
Dave Sargent and I shared in
 2007. An “opt-in”, Internet
  radio station, exclusively
     for independents; It will
     not pay performance
In fact, will not stop until independent artists have affair shot at
NUMBERS can help get these businesses off the
ground. Be sure to hit up iTunes, Rhapsody, or whatever you
use on
Thursday, November 26th. NUMBERS is the name. It
refers to the digits that describe the album’s content, rather
than the packaging a record contract would buy me.
2.        The Great Michael Jackson

3.        Nelson Foster needs help

6.        A Method to My Madness


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16.      An advocate for CdBaby

17.      This Week on the Charts
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Speaking of Hip-Hop
parodies, If you have
not seen this SNL skit,
try not to die laughing.

It made me cry.

Thanks B.
Jason Johnson's Parody
of Modern Hip-Hop and R&B;
be released
Help us

        Help him.
        Having no father in his childhood, Nelson took on father   
figures as an adult. Now residing in Phoenix, Arizona; Nelson met
and befriended a local Pastor. When the Pastor discovered Nelson’
s tremendous singing voice he asked him to lead the small church
choir. Nelson agreed. Nelson followed the Pastor for many years
drawing big crowds to his churches, but the Pastor was greedy. He
would take from the collection plate, then avoid financial obligations
by bouncing to another church. Nelson would develop a loyal
congregation then he would stifle it by loyally following his Pastor.
Over time, the Pastor prospered while Nelson continued to struggle
receiving no compensation for his church performances. This went
on for nearly 2 decades. The church is not registered as a non-
profit religious organization and the Pastor still pays no one.
Our Friend, Nelson ...Continued.
Nelson may be the most kind-hearted and decent person that I
have ever met, but his hoodlum friends are a different story. One
of his “friends” was picked up by police in Maricopa county, for
intent to sell 9lbs of marijuana. Attempting to cooperate with
police, but avoiding “ratting out” dangerous accomplices, Nelson’s
“friend” named Nelson as a co-conspirator. SWAT descended on
Nelson while at his mother’s home in Mesa, and arrested him for
conspiracy, and intent to sell. Though the only evidence against
Nelson is his "friend's" testimony. Nelson has no money for bail or
for legal representation.
Its side-scrolling fools ==>
You gotta problem with that Chapin?
- J. Alan Johnson
Do you think the witty humor
and unique drink recipes
made TikiBar TV an online
or was it Lala?

Nelson Foster is the lead vocalist on four songs from the
album NUMBERS.

Nelson Foster is an African American.

Nelson Foster has led a church choir for over a decade without
financial compensation.

Nelson's family cannot afford bail or legal representation.

There is no physical evidence against Nelson, yet he has
been imprisoned for the last month.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is under federal
investigation for constitutional violations and discrimination.
She decided to take Nelson to her mother’s, who was struggling with
medical problems of her own. Children were not welcome in the
building where Nelson’s grandmother lived, so she hid him in a
shoebox at the bottom of a shopping bag. She covered the box with
clothes hoping  the clothes would muffle Nelson's cries, and that no
one would hear. Fortunately for them, Nelson did not cry.

Inside his Grandmother’s apartment, they tried to feed him baby
formula, but his tiny stomach would not accept it. His Grandmother
fell to her knees and began to pray.

Two prayers…

God, let me live long enough to raise this child to health.
Give me a formula that this baby will eat

She then concocted an odd formula from the ingredients in her
refrigerator, and Nelson ate. Shortly, after Nelson’s first birthday, his
grandmother died.
...Continues on Page 13
Of course, they were wrong.
Nelson’s tiny heart,
continued to beat that night.
His mother was happy to
learn that he had survived,
but she was poor and did not
have health insurance. The
hospital did not want to keep
her for another night. They
told her to take Nelson
home, and that he would
probably die in a few days.
An Advocate for CdBaby

After employing the services of CdBaby for the
distribution of NUMBERS, I must say that I am quite
impressed. I first heard the name “CdBaby” in 2003
when I contacted Rhapsody to offer ‘essentially’ the
same deal they did with Rolling Stone (an exclusivity
deal for the plethora of independent musicians I had
at the time). Rhapsody lied to me, saying that they
could not do the deal, the bastards. But anyhow,
they directed me to CdBaby. I was a bit ‘put off’ by

“Who the hell is CdBaby?” I thought, “I don’t want to
deal with them”.

As it turns out, they are exactly the kind of company
that I, and other independents needed.

CDBaby charged me $20.00 for the barcode
associated with NUMBERS, and $35.00 to distribute
it. They distribute to ITunes, Rhapsody, Amazon,
Napster, Yahoo! Music, etc.
Not a bad deal if you ask me. Plus, they are easy to
use and their service is polite and friendly. A class
act in this Internet music game. Check them out…
NOVEMBER 26, 2009
John Perkins on
all of your success
with Jay Sean's
new album!

John is a good
friend and song
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to check out his

   We cannot possibly take enough time to honor the great Michael
Jackson. It is clear that he was the biggest music star of all time, and
there is a good chance that he will never be out shined.

   Why? Because the music industry has changed since Michael's
heyday. Artist development is not cost effective anymore, given how
inexpensive recording is today, and the influx of new competition in the
music market. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe Michael was
"developed" too much too young. Then we all witness the adult Michael
trying to regain his childhood at 40 with roller coasters in his front yard.
His need to be perfect, and his illusion of what perfection is, turns him
into a physical monster. Though he was physically terrifying, many others
artists have referred to him as "a beautiful person".  And, I believe them.
You can tell a lot about a person's beliefs and values simply by listening
to their musicianship. Vocalists are constantly making decisions on
whether to go up or down, to hold or pause, to get louder or softer. In
those decisions, their personality comes through. I have heard so many
musicians whose techniques and skill sets were excellent, but their
musical choices did not agree with me. In every instance, upon meeting
them, their personalities did not agree with me either.

   Michael Jackson's musical choices were the most powerful, and the
most perfect of any that I have ever heard. I believe that he creates a
standard by which all other vocalists, musicians and performers can be
judged. It is only logical that he would be the subject of scandals and
controversy. As the X-men say, "people fear what they do not understand".
Michael's musicianship was too great for our feeble minds to understand.
- Jason Johnson

Please let me know your thoughts on Michael Jackson and it will be
posted in the next BUZZ -
The Great Michael Jackson
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