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March 9, 2008
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Last Weeks Quiz: No Winners (I guess we were right about all of you)
Honorable Mention: davesattic (close, but no cigar)
 The RISE of the Independent Recording Artist
    Independent recording artists; these are the up and coming musicians who are unsigned, and don't seem to care!  The needs of today's musicians have changed, because the concept of an album has changed.  The way they are made, the way they purchased, and the way they are played; everything is different (just ask your kids).
    Recently, I just picked up the latest IPOD touch and installed it in my Cadillac.  I have more music than would fit in a 12-disc changer; the usability is ideal; and the best part is, no more Cd's in my car!  When I heard something I liked on the radio, I could purchase it from the IPOD while waiting at a stoplight.  It seems clear to me that this type of technology is the way of the future. Consumers are impulsive.  When everyone has the capability to buy on the spot, music sales will skyrocket.
    This industry is moving into a new era.
    The CD store marks up the item from $10.00 to whatever the consumer pays. Out of the ten, the record companies pay themselves, their album expenses, then give their artists a royalty check. On average, the recording artist walks away with 6% of the sale.
    The team at ABA researches the music business daily. Recording books and seminars seem to be popping up all over the Internet. Here are some of the sites we have found:
  These are the Producers & Engineers from the last decade, and many of them are focused on the independent, rather than signed artists.
    At ABA, I teach seminars on how to record and market music. The musicians I meet are not even interested in record deals! They want to create (and more importantly own) their recordings, and then sell them on-line. They want to cut out the middle man. If they are successful, the on-line distributors pay out approx. 93%, and they will have no overhead per unit. Today, an recording savvy independent musician can make the same money with 65,000 single song downloads, as a platinum selling artist with a record deal. This is a no-brain-er.

 Table of Contents
             1.    The Rise of the Independent Recording Artist
             2.    Koon Skyners responses
             3.    Dave Show Forum
             4.    This Week on the Charts
             6.    Berklee's Grammy Winners
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Responses to last Sunday's Article: regard to the KoonSkyners, the spelling of koon is not in anyway meaning a black person. KoonSkyners is a different spelling like a band called Lynyrd Skynyrd or other bands that spell there names a little different. I don't know where you are from we have all kinds of fans. if you are not one of them too bad. Don't show up at our show and bitch about something you know nothing about. If you like country and classic rock great, come out and have fun with us, we would love to have you there, I coon, Sorry raccoon hunt with dogs, that's where the name comes from.   thanks for the add....I think?????
- brettbrttn
I think that it would be misinterpreted in reference to a Black Person.  This could either black list them or get them a lot of attention.  These people are probably too young to be out hunting Rocky Raccoons, but I don't know about Illinois folk.  My grandfather, even in his 90's, and his buddies (some older) would periodically go out all night "coon hunting".  They would basically build a fire, drink some whiskey and "talk story", while some hunting dogs ran around chasing raccoons up trees.  In rural SW Pa., there were really no Black People around, especially in the woods at night.  So, I wonder if this is what these guys are doing???  Partying around a campfire??? 
- anonymous
 ... are you completely insane? Ofcourse KOON means black person, read a damn dictionary. You are obviously english speaking, and you are threatening to skin blacks with your bandname, period. Lynyrd Skynyrd is a name and that is all. Lynyrd does not come up as "negro" in the dictionary.
It's great that you have "all kinds of fans", but based on your website, you only seem to photograph the white ones. 
- mundngo
 I wrote this article to spark debate, and clearly it worked. I am now bored with the subject. If they want to call themselves the KoonSkyners, I say, "Whatever..." Just know that I will never go to one of their shows, because I don't want to get LYNCHED (with a 'Y')
- Jason

Dave says...


Vinyl is the band of the week.

    About Jason A. Johnsonís book The Record Producer:  I read this book four times and I have to say that I have gained a wealth of knowledge.  The book discusses his ten year experience in the music industry.  If you are a fan of sex, drugs, and the music industry, buy one.  If you canít afford a $29.00 book there is something wrong with you. 


    On sex; only with fine sexy women, there will be some acrobatics involved and satisfying in ways no other man can. If I must wear a rubber I must.  Women might agree that the all natural feeling is much more satisfying. Cooking is like sex if you are a bad cook then you get the idea.  So take lessons, I will be happy to educate you on the two topics.  Remember better cooking leads to better sex.  I must admit I am a sucker for blonds, brunettes, redheads, white sand, blue skies, and coffee colored thighs.  I like the independent and self sufficient women, I just find this sexy as hell.  I would like to add donít be shy ladies when you see something you want go and grab it.  That's what I would do...






    On drugs, I will be discussing a different drug every week.  Marijuana relaxes and helps to spark creativity in the mind.  This drug improves eye site and helps with indigestion, hangovers, nausea, cancer the list goes on.  I will admit that after sex a joint over a cigarette gives a more intense feeling of relaxation.  I hung around with this multimillionaire for five years, he smoked a lot of this drug and I have to say getting stoned with a multimillionaire is insanely educational.  The wealth of knowledge you gain is priceless.  There has never been a documented death caused by marijuana in our history if you can find out otherwise, please, inform the Dave Show.  On alcohol, I indulge and I suggest you do the same.


    Please send your insults to



 Suggested readings from Summer,


1.    He is Just Not That into You by Greg Behrendt, This book inspired me on my views of men.  Girls, we have to pay attention to what men do and not what they say.  Find this book and read it!

2.    The Record Producer by Jason A. Johnson I read this book and the author who looks like John Legend and is a music master.  I have been convinced after reading this book to pursue further knowledge of the         recording industry.  I suggest you buy a copy of his book!



Suggested readings from Wes,


1.    The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons, by Napoleon Hill, it is a deep, deep, and extremely educational book.  If you read and study this book, you will become rich.  Look for it, I did.Ē

2.    The Record Producer by Jason A. Johnson, I will admit I know nothing of recording music and am ignorant when it comes to music.  I have acquired some knowledge from this reading and I must say I am researching this subject.  The book sparked my interest in the creativity of music and recording.  This is a book for everyone to read.



 On the Billboard Charts

Last week's top 5 Albums   


#1                        Janet



#2             Erykah Badu

New Amerykah: Part One (4th World War)


#3             Jack Johnson

Sleep Through The Static


#4                     Webbie

Savage Life 2


#5                Alicia Keys

As I Am

Top 5 Downloaded songs last week:



#1    Flo Rida



#2    Chris Brown

            With You


#3    Alicia Keys

            No One


#4    Fergie



#5    Britney Spears

            Piece of Me

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Da Junx List


#1       Long Beach Dub Allstars



#2                                   Vinyl



#3           Los Amigos Invisibles

Playa Azul


#4                        !Cubanismo!

Descarga Caliente


#5Bela Felck & The Flecktones

Lochs of Dread 






March 2008

  Grammy winner
Juan Luis Guerra
  Photo by Phil Farnsworth

It was a good year for Berklee at the 50th annual Grammy Awards, with a total of 13 awards presented to alumni and faculty, including Album of the Year, Best Rap Album, and Best Latin Jazz Album. Berklee also had its share of Grammy-winning artists on campus in February, with visits from George Duke, Michael Powell, and Bootsy Collins. And for future Grammy winners, look no further than Berklee's own 20th annual High School Jazz Festival, with more than 200 bands participating from across the country. Read on to find out more.

If you're looking for something to do this month, check out the new What's Happening at Berklee weekly videocast. In the weeks to come it will be showcasing such events as All Keys: The Piano Department Faculty Concert, the Women Musicians Network Concert, the International Folk Music Festival, and the Sovereign Bank Music Series' next installment, the SFJAZZ Collective.

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