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Issue # 003
March 16, 2008
Art Beyond Audio
Last Week's Quiz: No Winners (What else is new)

     So many parts of the music industry are becoming obsolete due to new technology. Along with Cd manufacturers, distributors, and record stores (as we discussed last week) there is the major recording studio. The ABA recording style is so superior to any recording studio, that it appears we have a challenge! This challenge will apply to experienced recording artists, because you know what to look for.


     Challenge: Rather than a recording studio, hire ABA to record your next song. If you do not agree that our technique results in a superior recording, than go back to the studio and send me the bill. I will pay it! Also, we will do a huge story about the artist that takes this challenge, so it should be good exposure.


     Why is our technique so superior?


     We understand the importance of roomtone, thus our equipment is portable. When recording an instrument, an experienced producer starts at the beginning. Let's say its a piano part. What type of piano is it? What environment is the piano in? What type of microphone is being used? Where is the mic placed? You get the idea.


     Recording studios have a mystique that musicians are attracted to. We noticed this with our studio. Many musicians just liked being there. I suppose they just liked all the lights and buttons. Recording studios are handicapped, however, because of their tracking rooms. Even if they sound 'good' they still have a distictive sound. The problem is; different acoustical instuments sound better in different environments. Since ABA 's equipment is portable, we choose the appropriate environment first. This is luxury that studios do not have.


     Make no mistake, portable does not mean cheap. Chris Brown (our engineer) has spent many years designing this portable setup.  For something like a piano, I might decide to use a concert hall. Big ones tend to have pianos, and the funny thing is, they a typically cheaper to rent than a recording studio.


Check this one out. It has no parellel walls (which is ideal for recording) and a baby grand.


Again, this theater will run you a mere $300.


    This is the reason we used to call ourselves: Out of The Box Productions. Perhaps one day, musicians will get over the studio mystique and will discover the magic of on-location recording.

- Jason Alan Johnson


The Record Producer, Part One

>>>>>> The Audio Book <<<<<<

Sex, Drugs, Rock&Roll, and 10 years of production secrets...





 Table of Contents
             1.    A Bright Future
             2.    Table of Contents
             3.    Dave Show
             4.    This Week on the Charts
             5.    A Wonderful Gift from Our Friend
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 On the Billboard Charts

Last week's top 5 Songs  


#1           Usher feat. Young Jeezy

Love In This Club 


#2                            Chris Brown

With You


#3                                  Flo Rida



#4                           Sara Bareilles

Love Song


#5                                   Rihanna

Don't Stop the Music

Top 5 Downloaded songs last week:

from www.bigchampagne.com/


#1    Alicia Keys

            No One


#2    Flo Rida           



#3    Chris Brown

            With You


#4    Baby Bash



#5    Fergie


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Da Junx List

by:    Jake (The Digital Music Archivist)


#1                     RJD2

The Horror 


#2    The Beastie Boys

An Open Letter To NYC


#3                      Beck

Ghettochip Malfunction


#4          Saul Williams

Sunday Bloody Sunday


#5              Radiohead

Like Spinning Plates 


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