The Recording Process
Art Beyond Audio's CEO,
Jason Alan Johnson, explains the entire
process of recording music.
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"It's all about one-to-one marketing these days,
as you so very clearly laid out in your seminar.
I'm following the advice I got when I attended!
[Peter's Album]'s being played on streaming audio sites and, it's a CD Baby
Editor's Pick, I've sold CD's in Japan, Australia,
New Zealand, Hungary, UK, Spain, Germany,
Switzerland, Russia and Macedonia (wherever
that is!) Gotta love the Internet!"
- Peter Gitlin
When musicians are entrenched in the creative
process, they often have difficulty staying
objective and executing tasks.

I know several musicians who have been
recording their albums for years, and are no
closer to being done than they were years ago.
Some call themselves record producers. I
don't believe that its reasonable to call yourself
a record producer, until you actually 'produce'
a record. Besides, it is not that hard to do.

The steps in this recording seminar will help
you to remain task oriented so you can get it

I am currently working on a second release of
this series; on which, I show specific editing
and mix techniques using ProTools. Please
check back.

- Jason Alan Johnson