“The independent recording artists cannot make any money selling records, and
the artists with recording contracts are in debt to their record companies. It is
loose/loose for recording artists trying to sell records.”
- Jason Alan Johnson/Interview Mt. Lebanon Magazine
In reality, very few recording artists have actually profited from record sales. Even
among the very famous, recording artists typically profit from performances or
advertisements and their record companies profit from record sales. Mr. Johnson
became determined to change the industry. At 24 he began building Art Beyond Audio,
and today he is the company’s Chief Executive Officer.
Johnson understood that studio and distribution expenses are the primary
reason that artists sign record deals. So, he developed the
Recording Method which dramatically reduced studio expenditures. He
began producing albums utilizing the method, promoting and selling those
albums online, and creating passive income streams from the album sales.
Johnson asserts that the key to his success is the knowledge he has acquired
from highly skilled and talented producers and engineers.

Thus, Mr. Johnson formed the Art Beyond Audio Group to give independent
recording artists access to the same knowledge and professional resources
for FREE, via the internet!
The history of Art Beyond Audio...
The good news is that independent recording artists are absorbing more market share each year. Art
Beyond Audio has proudly played its part, and will continue to do so on a wider scale. So, now is the
time! Right now, there is an overwhelming demand for new, independent recording artists. All you
have to do is
record your music and get it out into the marketplace. Often, this is easier said than
done, but that is where we come in.

This site will teach you…

·        How to
record your music
·        How to get the sound you are looking for
·        How to stay within your recording budget
·        How to
choose and acquire recording equipment
·        How to choose recording studios
·        How to find personnel (e.g. Session players, engineers, producers, etc.)
·        How to get
worldwide digital distribution
·        How to promote your music and make a profit

Through E-books, “The BUZZ” our E-magazine, webinars, videos, online discussions and music
consultation; with Art Beyond Audio’s learning tools you can record music and profit from it online,
regardless of the budget.
The latest BUZZ...
At 17 years old, Jason Alan Johnson (Left) and Chris Brown (Right) began promoting
local concerts in Mt. Lebanon, PA operating under the name Potent Productions. Within
a few years, the small sound system (pictured) became one of 3 systems that the
ambitious pair acquired, and used to promote a wide variety of shows throughout the
northeastern United States. The two both attended
Berklee College of Music, where they
discovered their talent for the recording arts. Immediately after college, they opened
Power Pye Studios in Pittsburgh, PA. The experience of running a commercial recording
facility taught Jason the dynamics of the recording industry.
As, you continue reading, though this website, you will learn the Johnson
Recording Method. Plus, you will have direct access to the Art Beyond
Audio Group at the bottom of each page for questions, comments, and free
online recording consultation.

Please check out the independent artists that we have featured on JUNX
Radio, and don't hesitate to make suggestions and contribute. This website is
here to serve your needs. Enjoy...
The Art Beyond Audio Group is a select team of recording industry professionals
that provide independent musicians with
recording techniques and solutions. Art
Beyond Audio's producers and engineers are among the best in the world, and have
worked with many of the world's most successful recording artists. The digital music
revolution has changed the way music is made and sold, with
digital recording and
digital distribution. We believe that a well-educated generation of independently
successful recording artists will dramatically improve the quality of mainstream music,
as the major record companies will finally have some much-needed competition.

Our mission is to improve the quality of recorded music by promoting an industry
that selects its recording artists based on the quality of the artist’s musicianship, and
by giving oppressed musicians access to professional recording techniques.

We believe that music recordings are essential, historical accounts of the human
condition. We believe that it is wrong to intentionally impair the independent musician’
s ability to share their music with the world. It is wrong, but it is precisely what the
corporate music industry has been doing for years,specifically the
Recording Industry
Association of America. Art Beyond Audio is the antithesis of the RIAA; a safe haven
for oppressed musicians.