Music Education:
The bulk of Jason's performances have been on
various percussion instruments. Although, he
was classically trained on the piano, violin, flute,
saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar and voice.
Jason mastered the vibraphone and marimba at
Mt. Lebanon High School; in Pittsburgh, PA.
Mt. Lebanon has one of the most prestigious
percussion academies in the world)
In his senior year, Jason
became the school's Drum
Major, and student director
of numerous ensembles.
When asked, former band
director Frank Capaldi
said, "Jason was the best
student conductor that I
have ever seen."
Naturally, Jason was given
John Phillip Sousa
Band Award, by
popular vote from the school's music department.
In 1998, Jason was
invited to perform, as
a marimba and
vibraphone soloist, at

Music Hall
in New York City.
Jason attended the music
program at
College, in Philippi, WV. There
Jason developed his
understanding of the human
voice and singing. He performed
3 of the college's choirs.
In his first semester, Jason was designated the
percussion section leader, for every ensemble that
the college offered. Despite all of the respect and
admiration, Jason decided to transfer to
College of Music.
At Berklee, Jason's
academic abilities were
so stellar, that
managed to test out of
every general
education program.
Jason majored in
Music Business and
Management. His
principal instrument
was Total Percussion.
Music Vocations:
1998 - Partner/Production Manager, Potent
Productions,Summer Concert Series, Pittsburgh -
Drummer, The Zoot Suits, Mt. Lebanon.
1999 - Partner/Production Manager, Potent
Productions, Boston - Drummer, The Soul Patrol,
2000 - Owner/Staff Producer, Power Pye, Boston
 - Partner/Production Manager, Potent
Productions, Boston - Drummer, Grace & More,
2001 - Owner/Staff Producer, Power Pye Studios;
Production Manager, Viper Audio, Pitsburgh.
2002 - Owner/Staff Producer, Power Pye Studios,
Pittsburgh - Production Manager, Viper Audio.
2003 - Editor, Five Cent Productions; Studio
Consultant, Art Beyond Audio, Pittsburgh.
2004 - Studio Consultant, Art Beyond Audio,
2005 - Studio Consultant, Art Beyond Audio,
2007 - Senior Partner, Art Beyond Audio,
The Story of Joe, Esquevez, Something Tan
Give Me Tonight (Remix),
KLF (Studio) Froglodge
Grace & More, The Rover, The Few, Decadence,
Liquifly, Mystery Hole
Seeking the Muse, Soze (studio)
Michael Herklots Quartet (Live)
Code Blue (Studio)
Audio Book:
The Record Producer - Part One
Film Sound Design:
Kill Bitch
In January 2008, Jason
released his first book on
record production. He also
teaches the recording arts
through a series of seminars
called: The New Music
Even though Jason was a business student; his
drumming abilities were frequently sought after, by
students, for studio recordings and class projects.
By his second year, Jason was doing nightly
recording sessions in Berklee Studios. Thus, he
discovered a passion for the recording arts that
came to fuel his professional career.