The Johnson Recording Method is simply the recording process,
broken up into steps, so that average independent producers and
recording artists can understand it. It is the same process used by
every producer that has ever completed an album, and it can be
executed successfully regardless of the size of the recording budget or
the available equipment. In fact; limiting the budget, time, and
recording equipment, is the key to creative and efficient execution of
the recording process. I did not invent this method of recording. I
simply observed that every successful creation of a single, demo, EP
or LP, followed this specific order of steps.

This method of describing the recording process, and the creation of
Art Beyond Audio and, was necessary
because of there are many forces deterring independent recording
artists from completing marketable recordings.

For example; today, the Recording Industry Association of America is
so threatened by the growing market share of independent records that
legal actions have been taken to curb their success - as well as the
success of independent internet radio. Online forums like, are littered with bad advice that confuses and
distracts independent recording artists from effectively executing the
process. The Johnson Recording Method helps the artist recognize the
difference between good advice and bad advice.

There are so many new options for recording equipment in today’s
market, and there are tons of production tricks and recording
techniques that you can use. But, if those recording techniques do not
fall within the framework of the recording process as described in the
Johnson Recording Method, no marketable recording will ever be
The Johnson Recording Method