Hi there, I just moved here to scottsdale from Vermont to pursue further into my musical
endeavour.  I'm emailing about any position available at all.  I've been producing my own
music for over 5 years now from my own equipment and experience.  I've been playing
guitar for almost 10 years now, I'm 20 years old.  I'm looking for anything to further my
knowledge. I've had dozens of bands back up in vermont in the pop punk genre, being
quite successful, but up there is no market for music, thus why I moved.  I'm not asking for
a recording position or anything of the sort, I'd love to intern and expand myself in this.  I
don't even require to get paid, I'm willing to do what I need in order to become succesfull
in this path.  Please let me know if you are willing to give me such an oppurtunity.  I realize
this may sound absurd in some ways, but music is a beautiful thing.

- Eric
These days, music can be distributed worldwide from any location. So, unless you are producing
songs that are specifically for the people of Scottsdale, you are no better off delivering music to
your target market then you were in Vermont.  Also, you want to become successful but you don't
require to get paid. Do you define success as fortune, fame or something else?

If fame is your goal, you must study personal branding. Here is
a good book on the subject.
Unfortunately, were are all studio guys at ABA, so we do not teach personal branding. Art Beyond
Audio is a web service. We produce multi-media content, and write about our processes. Our
revenue comes from advertisements.

We do not offer "careers" here, but we will pay for multi-media contributions. For now, I will place
your email in our producer's distribution list. We will let you know when work is available.

Stay in touch!

Jason Alan Johnson
I think that by "no market for music" you mean "no music scene". Unfortunately, Scottsdale
has a pretty weak music scene as it is.

Are you looking to gig or to record or both?

Also, can you send me some of your work?


Check out our new site:
We need experienced producers like you to help us grow that database. Send us some of
your coolest tricks!

D. H. Sargent
Discussion: Scottsdale Music
Hi there, this is eric, the kid from vermont :)

Here is the myspace of the previous band i had, we did pretty well up there considering...


Check it out if you want, basically im just looking to network and meet new people and studios to branch myself out there.

Thank you so much.


I like, "I feel it too", although it is too quiet. You should have
your work mastered. We've never worked with these people,


but their service is conveniently on the internet. Plus, you
can test them out for free. Anyhow, you need to
master your
work. Other than that, you have already executed the entire
recording process. Don't worry about the market for music or
the music scene. Execute the recording process repeatedly.
If you stop, Held On Hold's only value other than the
memories, will be the records they made. Whoever owns
those records, owns the financial value of the band (and is
currently giving it away free on myspace but maybe that is
good for right now). As you said before, "music is a beautiful
thing". I could not agree more. It happens so quickly
sometimes with musicians, 'the magic' you know? To be
successful with music, you have to record it so that others
can hear it also. It is the one and only key to success in the
music business. In fact the only "business" is managing the
ownership of recordings, and protecting that ownership
legally.  Simply put; record Eric, record. We can help with any
step in
the process, in fact you should check craigslist for
drummers, although lately there are more groups looking for
drummers than drummers looking for groups. Consider
posting an ad too. Anyway feel free to ask anything.


If you like Little Major Productions, I will have their link added to
the mastering page on this website.

Jason Alan Johnson