Vocal Mic Repositioning

Most vocal coaches and choir directors will teach a vocalist to
face strait ahead and sing. Breathe deep, keep shoulders high,
expand the
intercostals and sing from the diaphragm. This may
be the best way to project a clear and powerful singing voice to
an audience, however it is not always the best technique for the
recording studio or vocal booth. In the recording world we look
for vocal stylists, that can utilize their chest voice, head voice
and falsetto.

If you find yourself working with a trained singer whose chest
voice is ruining your recording, you may find it difficult to
convince them to ignore their training. So don't! Just casually
reposition their microphone. The singer's voice will change
dramatically, even if they do not realize. Generally, you move
opposite the part. If the vocal part is higher than the singer's
comfortable register, you move the mic down. If the part is
below their comfortable register, you move the mic up.
Although, these rules are not set in stone so you can
experiment. Let your creative juices flow!
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