Delay in Monitors

This is a great trick to use when recording a musician that is
inexperienced with a click track. Put a ping pong delay in the
musician's monitors. It is not a crime to monitor an audio effect
without recording it.

Choose your tempo; examine the part to determine the based
note of the rhythm (e.g. 1/4 note based rhythm, 1/8 note based
rhythm, etc.); then subdivide. So, If you are recording an 1/8th
note based rhythm, and your tempo is 100
BPM, then you want
to set your delay at 150 milliseconds.

How did we get that number?

At 100BPM your 1/4 notes are occurring every 600
milliseconds, however your pattern is based on 1/8 notes
(occurring every 300ms) and you always subdivide (in this case
to 1/16 notes) so your delay needs to be set at 150ms. If you
do not feel like doing the math many modern delays will do it for
you, or you can use an
online delay time calculator.
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submitted by J.Johnson - 1 / 1 / 00
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