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Chapter 10
All the Rules in Practice
The first thing you must ensure while recording is to not undo in
later steps what you have already done in earlier steps. (E.g.
Suppose your melody incorporates the slow, declining line ERIME.;
your mix should showcase the melody instrument at the time of the
declining line.)

One day, in Manhattan, I was talking to an older, very experienced,
engineer about the BIG sound. He said that the key is automation.
What he meant was, that it’s a mistake to simply set your levels
and walk away (which is what all amateur engineers do). Different
points in a piece often require different mixes. This is passing the
ball in the mix.

Passing the ball begins with the writer and arranger. As the
producer, you should showcase the part that the arrangement
designates as the current ball holder. Just as the arranger would
choose compositions based on their understanding of hit potential,
you will choose arrangements based on your understanding.

Hit Potential: Want to make big money fast? Much of popular music
is marketed to children not only because of how easy it is to
recognize hits, but also because they are and always will be the
world’s largest market. The recording techniques are the same, but
children’s music is an excellent place to start practicing the arts.
That and its easier to sell.