Page 101
Chapter 10
All the Rules in Practice
The following passage I wrote as a sort of 'note to self'. These
believes and attitudes became the inspiration for many of my
professional decisions thereafter...

When determining how you will produce a song, it is probably less
important to over-dose on ERIME, and more important to consider
what you have access to. Some masterpieces have resulted in hits,
but marketing a masterpiece is actually quite difficult. If you are new
to the industry, you may want to choose a short and catchy piece as
your first hit.

There is also, however, a method of trapping the listener; in film.
Some new artists have shopped their masterpieces to motion picture
companies, because when watching a film, the observer in forced to
receive as much of the song as the film dictates (a captive audience
if you will). Unfortunately, as if the music industry is not hard enough
to break into, now you will be attempting to break into Hollywood as
a musician. This is extremely difficult. I would say that if you already
have an ‘in’, go ahead with the masterpiece. If you do not have an
‘in’ at a motion picture company, or a record company, choose a
motivic piece. This you can make popular amongst your friends, and
they can make it popular amongst their friends, etc… etc… If you
fail the first time, which you probably will, simply try again. This is
kindergarten stuff… If at first you don’t succeed; try, try again. The
important thing is that you are recording. Once a recording is done,
it will exist forever as a representation of you at the time you made it.