Page 102
Chapter 10
All the Rules in Practice
The recording can only be about one thing at a time if you want
anyone to enjoy it. What this means is that the waking mind is
focused. Whether or not the recording appeals to the subconscious
mind; the waking mind will still translate the stimulant into a waking
thought or feeling. So, at any given moment in time the recording
can only be about one thing to the listener. As the record producer,
you should focus on each moment. Your recording will exist forever.
Someone will hear the beginning of the chorus an infinite number of
times in the future. So ask yourself…

What should those individuals be thinking in this moment?

What should they be feeling in this moment?

At the end of the day, you trust your ears and your feelings. If the
beat excites you in the studio, then maintain it as is. When the song
makes you feel like you want to feel, you are on the right track.
Have no fear; you should always be getting better. And, most
importantly, doing what you are passionate about.

To this day, I continue to apply this dogma. It keeps me producing
records rather than talking about producing records. It has also led
me to produce videos, movies, articles and this book. By putting the
rules in practice I have become productive, and productive people
become successful. Above all, I hope that stays with all who read
this book. A producer, produces.