Page 104
Chapter 11
Layering Tracks

By laying down several solid takes of a single performance,
the following key objectives are achieved...


You will capture subtle variations that would have otherwise gone
unnoticed. I have recorded several quality musicians, and with all
due credit to them, I could never expect a single performance to be
magic from beginning to end. Every musician has momentary spurts
of genius. Those spurts are what motivate musicians to continue
practicing until they have mastered their instrument. Great
musicians have these spurts more often than bad ones, so naturally;
it will requires less performances from a great musician to capture
those subtle variations. Despite their talent, in numerous sessions
with some of the best musicians in the world, I still insist upon
recording four to five takes of the same performance.

A note about studio time: If the act of capturing multiple takes is
eating away your dollars, than layers are the least of your problems.
You must rethink the recording process, and make it more
affordable for you. My whole career has been focused on helping
people record on a budget.

This is the purpose of Art Beyond Audio and the Art Beyond Audio
Group website -
solutions for the independent recording artist.