Page 109
Chapter 12
Practical Views On Drug Use
Cocaine & Marijuana

Cocaine and marijuana are drugs that make you high or heighten
the senses. The highs they create are very different. Cocaine
creates a physical sensation on its own. Basically, it makes your
body feel good. So much so that parts of your body that may be
normally be in pain, feel good. This can have a very negative effect
on your health. Simply put, on cocaine you may scratch an itch until
you rip your skin off because you are incapable of realizing that you
are in pain. Marijuana should not create this kind of high. The other
aspect that is specific to the cocaine high is its physical addiction.
When you come down from cocaine high, your desire for more is so
strong that you can make very bad decisions. There is nothing
positive about cocaine high in a working sense accept that it is a
stimulant. It will keep you awake so that you can reach a deadline,
just like caffeine. I would recommend caffeine over cocaine because,
although they are very similar (both are stimulants and will keep you
awake, both create a high and a low, and both are very physically
addictive) caffeine will not impair your judgment like cocaine. Also, a
caffeine overdose causes anxiety and nausea, whereas a cocaine
overdose kills you. The only thing you cannot get anywhere else but
from cocaine is the experience that has influenced many famous
pieces of music.
by J.J. Cale