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Chapter 12
Practical Views On Drug Use
Marijuana alters things you experience while on the drug. Compared
to cocaine, it is a very different high. Marijuana is not physically
addictive, at all. Marijuana does not kill. In fact, there has never
been a documented death caused by marijuana overdose, in the
history of the United States. Not one. Alcohol kills 100,000
Americans every year. Alcohol kills 6.5 percent more youth than all
other drugs combined. That is a startling statistic, but insignificant
when compared to the other legal American drug called tobacco.
Cigarettes killed 468,000 people in 2006. Medicinal marijuana has
recently been legalized in California, and many other states are also
considering changing their laws.

When marijuana is smoked it kills your ambition. Plus, smoking is
bad for your lungs no matter what kind of smoke you breathe in. On
the other hand, ingesting marijuana has documented positive
effects, and no negative effects. None. So, a strong argument can
be made for artists who use the drug to supplement the creative
process. In fact, so strong of an argument that I fully support it. The
drug is healthy, and absolutely helps the creative process.

You must exercise caution, however, if the drug is illegal in your
area. Also, marijuana can make it difficult to stay on task, and it can
make you less productive. The drug is not physically addictive, so
you can experiment with it. Find a healthy amount that you can use
to supplement the creative process and not hinder it.
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