Page 111
Chapter 12
Practical Views On Drug Use
Mushrooms, Acid & Heroine

Mushrooms, Acid and Heroine are all hallucinogens. Don’t do
Heroine. Just don’t bother with it. It is Bad. If you do it, then you’re

Acid is scary as hell! I am leery of it and you should be too. I am
inclined to ask, how well do you know yourself? You need to be
really secure with ‘you’, before you step into this realm. In my
experience, I cannot see how acid could improve the recording
process. It is too distracting. Jimi Hendrix was known to use acid
while performing, and although his performances were stellar, let us
not for get that Jimi Hendrix is dead. He asphyxiated in his own vomit
one night in a hotel room. Sleeping pills were attributed to his death,
but I would argue that his abuse of acid altered his reality so greatly
that he probably had no idea what he was doing when he took them.
Acid is an interesting experience, but this book is about producing
records successfully. Acid is not practical nor productive. I would

Mushrooms, on the other hand, are fine. They are natural and there
is no risk of overdose. Mushrooms are not always practical for
recording sessions, but the experience will certainly stimulate
creativity. They are not physically addictive either. The experience
will consume about 4 hours of your life so don’t make any plans.