The Record Producer
Page 11
Chapter 1...
For the love of creativity

Now we were in an awkward position. If we continued to do deals that
involved my production, we would have a room that was unusable. If
we looked for more ‘weak’ talent to record, we would need to
develop a new marketing strategy. By this point, we knew that David
was a complete waist of space. He was using our office, computers,
water, and electricity, to run a business that in no way contributed to
ours. We started considering some other options:

Option One: The Small Business Development Tour

This was a group of executives that met with small business
owners, like us, and gave advice. The meeting we had was
positive, as it put everything in perspective. They illuminated our
mistakes, the biggest of which was our professional relationship
with David Yugar.

Option Two: The Marketing Guru

My grandfather, one of our biggest investors, referred me to this
man. He an I had agreed that a brochure would be helpful in
marketing the facility. His marketing guru would help us develop that
brochure. I met with him twice before he met my business partner,
Chris. Then the three of us had two more meetings at the studio,
one of which was several hours long. Afterwards, he printed and
sent us business cards and letterhead. We refused to pay his bill, as
these were both items we neither needed, nor asked for.