The Record Producer
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Chapter 1...
For the love of creativity

Option 3: Zak, the Television Producer

Zak offered to promote the studio via his new television show for
karaoke singers. In exchange, he wanted us to donate free studio
time to the show, as well as, record his album for free. Perhaps we
had become weary of any proposals that end with “record my album
for free”, but this one we completely refused. Zak could not give us
any explanation of the kind of promoting he would do. To this day I
have not seen nor heard of his is television show.

In October, Chris and I sat in our control room and discussed were
we stood. David, our booth and tracking room, and our marketing
strategy were all failing. We decided to close the studio, consolidate
all of our assets into a house, and then develop a new strategy. We
closed the studio’s doors that December.
Our largest capital investor, my grandfather, received a copy
of the previous report. The funny thing is; rather than scolding,
“unprofessional annual report”, and me for writing such, he
suggested that I write this book. It took another 6 years for me to
do it, but eventually I did.

I have included this editorial to help you avoid the same mistakes.
When you build a recording studio, all kinds of people will start
showing up at your door. They are all musicians, no matter what
they ‘say’ they are, and most of them are broke. That’s right, I have
some musician prejudice. Just remember, when you invest in
your own
business, you should to make money, not loose it.