The Record Producer
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Chapter 1...
For the love of creativity
Are any of us classically trained anymore? What does it
mean to be classically trained? On one hand, we can do some cool
stuff. IN one hand, you may find a classically trained percussionist
holding two sticks or mallets. The left hand may jump over the
right of a classically trained pianist. One certainty is that written
music will not provoke that perplexed look in the eyes of a
classically trained musician. Is this a good thing? Being classically
trained also means being limited, not to mention being lied to. In
the United States, many of the lessons taught in schools are just
plain false. Like Christopher Columbus discovered America, or I
before E accept after C.

In school, I was taught six fundamental classifications of music.
The Renaissance
The Baroque Period
The Classical Period
The Romantic Period
20th Century

An esteemed music school teaches the following: Prerenaissance
music refers to everything created before 1600 A.D. This is a period
when (supposedly) music was choral and primarily secular. It was
the time of Gregorian chant, and the writing style was very primitive.
Students at the school are shown charts written before notes and
staffs. This idea always sat funny with me. The idea that people
did not write organized music or play instruments before 1600
A.D, does that sound strange to you?