The Record Producer
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Chapter 1...
For the love of creativity
The renaissance, a period that inspired art in all forms, led to written
music as we know it today. Credit for the writing style, used by many
composers throughout the next three periods, could be attributed to
the invention of the harpsichord. Interesting.

In the baroque period, we begin to see the influx of drums and other
percussive instruments. In one nationally recognized high school
music curriculum, it is written that percussion instruments come from
Africa. Where, in primitive times, drums where used to communicate
between tribes. The baroque period produced composers like
Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, and George Frederic

The Classical period produced Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and
Ludwig Van Beethoven. Remember, this is the history of music as it
was taught to me in school.

We battle with fact, fiction, and simply admitting how little we know of
the truth. Musicians educated in Buddhist cultures may study the
Myanmar instruments and orchestras. Harps, Flutes, Drums,
Xylophones and other percussive instruments that date back to the
10th century. Actual charts performed by musicians before the
second millennia; what is going on?

Let’s face it; Americans do not know shit about what Africans were
doing with their drums before the Europeans got there.