The Record Producer
Page 15
Chapter 1...
For the love of creativity
Rather than drawing conclusions from partial information, embrace
the knowledge you have, and never consider that knowledge to be
complete. It is not, and will never be. Therefore, in an effort to
remain impartial and subjective as a music educator, I will expose my

My Bias

Obviously, I am only human. As much as I may try writing purely
factual information, deep down I realize that information is tainted.
My experiences within music have ‘forced my hand’, so to speak (or
write, I suppose). Getting right to it…

I can play all keyboard instruments, starting with piano primarily,
including vibraphone, xylophone, but especially proficient on a
graduated key marimba. I have spent many years in percussion
sections and despite all of the training, today, my specialty (I have
been told) is the drum set. I have minimal training on the flute, E-flat
clarinet, alto saxophone, B-flat trumpet, and trombone. My original
instrument was violin, but I have long since forgotten that
knowledge. I know nothing of the other stringed instruments, with the
exception of guitar and electric bass guitar (my true love). I have
performed in five choirs, and I have had voice lessons. I believe
strongly in my understanding of the human voice and singing. All of
the knowledge I have as a musician, merely contributes to my
production abilities. I do not believe in producing and performing on
the same project.