The Record Producer
Page 16
Chapter 1...
For the love of creativity
I do not have a favorite style of music, or musician, or band, or song.
When asked, "what do you listen to?"; I have found the best way of
explaining is yielding the current contents of your car. Lately, I have
been tuned into Acoustic Rock, 1970’s Soul, lots of Jazz (particularly
Jazz-Funk), a surprising amount of Hip-Hop, Acoustic Hip-Hop, some
Pop-Rock, and Reggae. The only recording I cannot categorize is
the soundtrack to SimCity 4, a PC game by EA. I listen to a lot of
Romantic Period music, and 20th Century Classical (which is an
oxymoron), but not in my car. I think the most inspired piece I have
heard is ‘Pirates’ by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Also, I have been
known to say, “The most well rounded recording of all time is ‘Let’s
get it on’ by Marvin Gaye.”

When I am alone, I do not listen to music on the radio. I prefer to
choose my own selections. Freakishly often, I will discover a song I
like, and then will find out later that it was popular on a local station.
I will reference many styles in later sections, though I must admit, my
experience with some is limited. I like good country, though I have
only acquired the music of Vince Gill and Bonnie Rait. I have tons of
R&B; I have just been ‘burned-out’ on it lately. On the contrary, I like
most of the Indian music I hear, and I have loved every single piece I
have heard that was written in Brazil. (Every single one)