The Record Producer
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Chapter 1...
For the love of creativity
I have yet to meet an individual that can transcribe as efficiently as I
can. Initially, I was overwhelmed at Berklee (as everyone is). What
led me to again believe that I was gifted musically was the praise I
received after an episode in my dorm. My roommate played
The heat of the day’ (an excerpt from Pat Metheny’s ‘Imaginary
Day’) and I transcribed the melody by hand within minutes of hearing
it the first time. I suppose this was unusual, as the witnesses were
amazed. Needless to say, I have since been consumed with musical

I have been producing recordings for 10 years now. I have
completed five albums and more demos, EP’s, and singles than I
care to count. Many of the singles have been electronic or solo
musicians, the demos and EP’s have been a wide range of styles,
and the albums were as follows: one rock & roll, one acoustic rock,
one fusion, one electronica, and one trip-hop. For some reason I
have not had the opportunity to produce a Latin album, which is a
shame because I think Latin music rules.

Producing albums was never a problem for me. In today's music
industry, equipment and personnel are readily accessible if you
know where to look. Only recently did I learn how to convert my work
into revenue. I learned the 'business' of music last. As you read this
book, you will learn everything that I have learned and you too will
be able to achieve financial freedom by understanding the nature of
the new music industry.