The Record Producer
Page 19
Chapter 2.
Passing the Ball

Passing the ball is important practice, as it is something every (that
is right, every) hit song has incorporated within. With the exception
of mastering, every step in the process can contribute to making this
happen. In order for a song to become a ‘hit’, it must not only grab
the listener’s attention, but maintain that attention until the end of
the song. ‘The ball’, simply refers to the listener’s attention at any
given moment. While no song grabs everyone’s attention, your song
will grab no one’s if the ball is not passed.
Aside: Originally I wrote this trick for the end of the book. By then
you would understand the following tools. Don’t worry about them. I
want you to keep this concept in mind as you continue through this
book. This way you can come up with a strategy for how to apply it
to your own projects.
E.R.I.M.E., dynamics, and creative effects are useful tools for
drawing the listener’s attention to a part. Choosing the parts, is the
fun and exciting aspect of production! Once this book has taught
you the conscious and sub-conscious effects of sound, you will get
to decide which 'part' the listener’s attention will be drawn to at any
given moment in time. You will, of course, choose the parts that you
enjoy most. Since the knowledge you possess is all that yields the
ability to pass the ball, you truly have absolute power in a matter of
circumstance, if you are into that sort of thing.