The Record Producer
I recommend this book to everyone interested in the working in the
music industry. One unique characteristic of this industry is the way
it is perceived by the consumer. Images of money, drugs, sex,
violence, power and popularity have shined brightly over the actual
business of music for many years. Yet, the success principles that
have worked to build fortunes in the music industry are the same as
in every other industry in the world.

This is my story. My story is one of many roles and many characters,
the up and downs of our careers, the many principles that have
failed, and the few that worked to truly bless my life. As you read
about my 12 years within the industry, the experiences shared may
redefine the entire industry for you as it did for me.

This book began as a reference book. I wanted to explain the
fundamentals of recording music. Why? Because, that is all I knew
how to do. I believed that the book would build credibility for me so
that I could get some imaginary check that I thought all big
producers got. It took 10 years for me to discover the simple
principles that were exploiting studio junkies like me to build
fortunes, and it took 2 more years to develop the methods that allow
us studio junkies keep those fortunes for ourselves. So, I have
ended up with a true, and hopefully entertaining story that contains
my own methods for success and several scientific principles for
record production. It is a wicked combination.
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