The Record Producer
Page 23
Chapter 2.
Passing Rule #5:

Solo performances do not require passing the ball. Passing the ball
does not make a recording good! All this concept yields is more
listeners. It is about achieving a ‘hit’, not a good recording. Once
again, this is an assumption. The assumption is that you have heard
good recordings of solo performances.

REMEMBER: Know what you want to create and remember the
moral, “
maintain artistic integrity”. Do not allow the practice of
passing the ball to sour what may already be an excellent recording!

If your objective is to record a hit, try to think of the solo
performances you have heard become hits.

You can not think of any because it has not happened and it does
not happen.
Solo performances are never hits. I realized this while writing this
book. The unbelievable thing is; after 18 years of music education
and 10 years in the music industry, I have never been told this by
anyone. I have studied under world famous recording artists, I have
read countless books on recording and production, and attended
some of the most prestigious music schools in the world. Not once,
has any teacher pointed out this fact. From the record producer's
point of view, a solo performance refers to a single instrument and
not to a single performer playing multiple instruments