The Record Producer
Page 24
Chapter 2.

It is important that you know ahead of time whether the artist or song
you are working on has
hit potential. Therefore, you will be able to
determine whether or not passing the ball is necessary.

The Cleveland Story

Following a three hour drive, we find ourselves at a local university.
Two popular regional bands call them Act 1 and Act 2, some band
aids, my office manager, and I find our selves in front of this Student
Activity Director. She is short and dumpy. She sings and adores the
glitz and glamour often associate with the music industry. We set-up,
sound check, and head over to the hotel.

Couple hours until the show…

Act 1’s lead singer is a mad man, running around the hotel floor,
drinking and generally being obnoxious. The Activity Director knocks
on all of our doors; it’s time for the show. We head back to the
auditorium and deliver a good show. The lighting guys showed up
while we were gone, good thing. The crew is tearing down and we
are itching to party. Me and my office manager get held up by the
Activity Director. He abandons me while she shares her awful vocal
styling. You would be amazed at some of the auditions you endure
after people start referring to you as "the record producer" in social