The Record Producer
Page 26
Chapter 2.
The pursuit of the scholar

The scholar is an individual motivated by inconsistency in his or her
environment. The scholar pursues solutions while harboring the
belief that the universe is indeed consistent. Inconsistency is merely
a word used to describe an in fact consistent circumstance or set of
circumstances that have become discombobulated, due to a lack of
knowledge. In other words,
all problems have solutions from the
scholar’s point of view. The scholar’s ability to produce these
solutions is predicated by his or her so-called intelligence. Belief in
intelligence is essentially all that separates the scholar from every
one else. Or perhaps, all that allows them to be classified by their
title. Every man pursues solutions.

The athlete may ask himself, "How do I make a jump shot against a
taller defender?", or "How do I hit a curve ball?". When faced with
these kinds of circumstances, they must first believe that there is a
solution. The athlete’s ability to produce that solution is predicated
by his or her so-called physical talent. Talent is what that allows
them to be classified by their title.

The artist produces solutions via his/her creativity or creative talent.
Once again, the solution is only achieved when the artist entertains
the possibility that it can be. Creativity is what classifies the artist.

The unbiased dispersement of talent, which we discussed earlier,
causes the record producer to struggle financially if he relies on
talent to create his financial success.