The Record Producer
Page 27
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Billie Jean was track six on the album entitled “Thriller”, released in
1982. 40 million copies of thriller were sold. “The kid is not my son.”
This line not only descends, but incorporates the melodies first
consecutive quarter notes. One might guess that Michael Jackson
understands ‘the declining line’, common
ERIME that you will read
more about later. If you listen to the song you may notice something
else. On this one line the harmony stops and the vocals become
layered in unison. Clearly, Quincy Jones understands ‘Passing the
Ball’ and Layering. By the end of this book, you will too.

The Eclectic Advantage

Pour a little time into studying the billboard charts, and trace each
hit back to that hit's producer. You should find, as I have, that most
of these producers make a number of hits over a short period of
time; then they disappear from the charts. This is the vast majority.
Seldom do producers have lasting careers, but those that do have
one thing in common. It is the eclectic advantage.
Play song from
Michael Jackson Greatest Hits ... - 1991 - 4:52
Billie Jean