The Record Producer
Page 28
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Non-eclectic producers will not benefit the powerful effects of
longevity. Their recordings do not remain popular for generations.

At the New Music Industry Seminar, we discuss the convenience of
online music databases and the effect they have on record sales.
We discuss many of the techniques described in this book.
Beyond audio is not the only company that is doing this. Recording
books and seminars are growing more and more popular, as
recording becomes more affordable. My point is, the pool is growing.
More recording artists are showing up online everyday. If you want
to be successful in this new industry climate, you should develop a
lasting career.

An eclectic producer makes recordings that are relevant beyond
their lifetime. As an eclectic producer, you will have the ability to
adapt to changes in music, technology, and culture. Plus, your
earning potential will be greatly increased.

Your eclectic extent

Your ability to adapt to change will strengthen as you enhance your
eclectic extent. This is done simply by listening to more styles of
music; but before you hit the internet, you should understand the
science behind the eclectic extent. Also, there are practical
approaches to broadening that horizon.