The Record Producer
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Chapter 3
Production Theory

Acceptance of this concept begins as with most concepts: with the
appreciation of theoretical physics…

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Theoretical physics can be used to describe forces of nature via
mathematics. Physicists can generate equations to describe
anything from the effects of gravity on a shuttle entering Mars’
atmosphere, to the migration patterns of 21st century humans.

“- physicists dream of a unified theory: a single mathematical
framework in which all fundamental forces and units of matter can
be described together in a manner that is internally consistent, and
consistent with current and future observation.”

Patricia Schwarz PhD -

The field of theoretical physics is constantly evolving. A promising
physicist from one university develops an equation that describes
the movement of a mystery wrasse though coral. Experiments are
done, they are successful, and the theory is accepted. Six months
later, another mathematician at another university, studies the
theory. That mathematician notices some inconsistencies in their
wrasse’s movement in changing water temperature. They develop a
new theory based on their observation. New experiments are done,
they too are successful, the original theory is discarded, and the
new theory is accepted. (At least, until it is unproven)