The Record Producer
That’s right! I am the kind of author that puts the moral at the
beginning of the book. This way, if you are not ‘too big’ on reading,
you will get the point immediately and you can move on.

If you have not established a clearly defined GOAL, this business
will absorb your entire life without reward. Recording is an extremely
time consuming hobby. The more work you do, the better you will
get, and the more people will know you. The projects you work on
will grow, and more than likely, you will work with celebrities. These
are the results of simply being in the music industry, no matter what
your title is. To achieve anything beyond this, you must have a

People enter into this business for many reasons…

To do what they love

To meet girls

To make money

To become famous

Then, there is the 'Gear Whore'. This is an engineer that is
obsessed with recording equipment.
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The Moral of the Story