The Record Producer
Page 30
Chapter 3
Production Theory
A unified theory is a motivating dream and an essential
characteristic for physicists who stimulate progress in their field. On
the other hand, they are surely realistic enough to understand that it
is only a dream.

Take, for instance, this crazy hypothetical...

We are born, human beings with an equation programmed
in our genes. A universal equation: as a result, all human beings
have the same taste in music at birth. Of course, that preference
will change over the individual’s lifetime. But what if, individual
to individual, the only difference is the speed at which the change
occurs. In other words, our individual musical tastes mature in
exactly the same way. When two people's tastes differ, it is because
they are at different levels of musical maturity. We call it The
Lifelong Musical Experience, and it can be time stamped by
emotional responses. In other words, every time an individual has an
emotional response to music, they graduate to the next level of
musical maturity.

What are emotional responses?

These are moments when the listener’s emotions are influenced so
strongly by music, that their physical body reacts uncontrollably from
a change in their brain chemistry. (e.g. nodding of the head,
dancing, singing, crying)