The Record Producer
Page 34
Chapter 3
Production Theory
When I was nine or ten, I discovered the slow declining line (as
referenced earlier with Billy Jean). I realized its power, and from then
on, I thought of music mathematically. In school, I excelled in music
and mathematics, although I do not know how much that influences
my point of view. Maybe, I simply have the right aptitude for the
appropriate subjects, and that lead me to this conclusion.

Emotional Response Inducing Musical Equations
[or ERIME]
are established in the composition. Composition is the
first of the 11 steps in the
Johnson Recording Method.
In 1955 Richard Berry wrote the world famous song, Louie Louie. He
and The Pharaohs, released the original recording of it in 1957.
Although, the song was made a hit by the Kingsman in 1963. Since
then it has been covered on over 1,000 other albums, making it the
second most recorded song in music history.
The first is “Yesterday”
by Paul McCartney (who, by the way, is the wealthiest recording
artist in the world).

The ERIME in Louie Louie is established in the first 10 seconds. The
equation is simple; the classic one, four, five chord progression
played in a syncopated rhythm.
One, four, five refers to the root
notes in each chord. The root notes are the first, fourth, and fifth in
a major scale. Syncopation is a rhythmic concept. It occurs, in this
case, because the four chord hits after the beat.
Play song from
The Best of The Kingsmen - 2006 - 2:45