The Record Producer
Page 35
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Personal experience changes the way we describe our emotional
responses to music.

Lyrics do not influence emotional responses, whatsoever, though
vocal and recorded vocal performances can. Thus, two vocal
performances of the same lyric can induce different responses. So
in composition, ERIME refers only to notes, not lyrics.

The danger in a mathematical approach...

Asking a person to ‘produce’ is essentially asking them to embark on
a series of steps that lead to a practical conclusion; the conclusion
being a product. In the New Music Industry Seminar, I teach the 11
steps of recording in strait order. Step 1 is first, Step 11 is last, but
as you read the next chapters I want you to conceptualize record
production as circular. The end is the beginning. When I read a new
chart, imagine the sound of the music playing on my speakers.
My brain can even simulate emotional responses that I would
have to moments in the imaginary recording.

Have you ever bobbed your head to a song that was in your mind?

Sure you have.