The Record Producer
Page 36
Chapter 3
Production Theory
As a producer, I simply bring to life what already exists in my
imagination. Using a strait line by applying action steps to a circular
thought. My thoughts are circular, because I am thinking about the
end at the beginning. Geometrically, translating a circular
representation of two points (or a strait line) is done with Pi. Pi is the
number of times a circle’s diameter divides into its circumference.

"The story of pi reflects the most seminal, the most serious and
sometimes the silliest aspects of mathematics. A surprising amount
of the most important mathematics and a significant number of the
most important mathematicians have contributed to its unfolding --
directly or otherwise.

Pi is one of the few concepts in mathematics whose mention evokes
a response of recognition and interest in those not concerned
professionally with the subject. It has been a part of human culture
and the educated imagination for more than twenty five hundred

The computation of Pi is virtually the only topic from the most ancient
stratum of mathematics that is still of serious interest to modern
mathematical research. And to pursue this topic as it developed
throughout the millennia is to follow a thread through the history of
mathematics that winds through geometry, analysis and special
functions, numerical analysis, algebra and number theory. It offers a
subject which provides mathematicians with examples of many
current mathematical techniques as well as a palpable sense of their
historical development."