The Record Producer
Page 38
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Are the digits of Pi random?

The physicist would assert that nothing in the world is random. The
term ‘random’ is a label that English speaking human beings have
coined equations too complex for the human brain.

Relating mathematics and geometry to music is simple. When
producing a recording, I walk the line, but think the circle. Ultimately,
my work and my thoughts meet at the end.

I have included this concept here, because when you think of the
geometry, this way of thinking must begin at the beginning of the
process. Get your mind’s thinking circular and you will have earned
a ticket to the land of infinite possibilities. Soon making good
recordings will become secondary to recording good music.
Successful producers have a profound understanding of what good
recordings sound like. Your study and experimentation will yield
some healthy tricks and general audio theory. As for achieving
balance, you must trust your instincts from the beginning.

In the January 2004 issue of E.Q. magazine; world famous
Ed Cherney was asked, “How do you know
when your mix is done?”

Ed Cherney responded with, “You just know it in your heart.”