The Record Producer
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Perhaps you would be better off making music your hobby. If you
choose to make music your job, you really will make it your J.O.B.
Like many of us, I started as a musician with the normal aspirations
of what I call 'stage fame'. Yet after 12 years, talking to an
auditorium full of screaming fans feels like saying, “do you want fries
with that?”

That may sound grim, but I promise, that is how it is. So, start by
asking yourself what you really want. Today, my primary focus within
music is to maintain artistic integrity, while profiting those actually
involved in the recording process. When I started, I actually thought
this was everyone's goal, but I was way off. Now, I have seen how
easily the art is corrupted for the personal interests of people that
are not even involved in its creation. As you read this book, you will
learn about organizations the corrupted have built, and how they
use the law to sabotage artistic integrity and protect profit. These
corrupt organizations may have controlled the music industry of the
past, but they certainly do not control the industry of the future. In
the end, artistic integrity and moral responsibility wins.

I teach a seminar called The New Music Industry; I produce and sell
independent records; and, I run
Art Beyond Audio.