The Record Producer
Page 41
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Step 2 - Write and perform a drum part.

I was to handle this step. With proper drum triggers, I could perform
the parts, and capture them as sequences in Digital Perform (Midi

F.Y.I.: This is already a bad idea. Later, when we cover The
Recording Process, you understand the proper way to complete a

Step 3 - Choose Drum Sounds.

Aaron had collected a massive sample library of drum sounds. They
were to be used with my drum triggers.

Step 4 - Complete the music.

This was Aaron’s skill. He would create sections, musical hooks, and
would right the lyrics.

Step 5 - Take the tracks back to Avatar Studios.

This would involve recording audio files and saving them in a Pro-
Tools session.
‘Pro-Tools’ is the industry standard audio editing software. All of the
major studios use it.