The Record Producer
Page 42
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Step 6 - Record Vocals at Avatar.

Given the quality of their rooms, plus they were equipped with a
Otari 2-inch analog tape machine (we weren’t), Aaron decided to
track the vocals there.

Step 7 - Mix.

Chris would go to New York and collaborate with Avatar’s head
engineer on the mixing process. The plan required some new audio
gear, so I acquired a $2500.00 line of credit from Sweetwater
Sound. Sweetwater is an equipment retailer based out of Indiana.
Recently, it was bought by Guitar Center. It also required a location,
which Chris had secured with the home studio. We would all move in
together, to get this project done. It is a shame that we worked to
acquire all of these necessities, yet in the next 38 weeks, we were
unable to complete step 1.

Once again, Chris and I would collect a portion of Aaron's inevitable
signing bonus that would result from these efforts. In immediate
payment; Aaron agreed to contribute $1000.00 to pay down the line
of credit, and I would keep the new gear. We decided to each live in
the studio house splitting the rent 3 ways. We would complete the
music by January 1st, 2003. Chris and Aaron would both travel to
New York for the final steps.
Who likes this plan? I certainly did. We were getting an EMU Proteus
2000 Sound Module (cost: 599.00) and an altered set of VDrums
(cost: $1400). I am a bit of a gear whore - remember? I was psyched!