The Record Producer
Page 43
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Please enjoy the story of the next 38 weeks.

Week One:
Chris and I meet to survey the new property. We design
a layout for our gear, Aaron’s gear, and the new gear. Then we
move our studio equipment and furniture into place.

Week Two: Chris and I take the van up to NYC, to transport Aaron,
his equipment and belongings to Pittsburgh. At Aaron’s request, we
change the layout. Chris and Aaron have a heated debate about
power consumption, as Chris claims that Aaron’s equipment will
overload our power supply. Aaron ignores him. “Dun… Dun…

Week Three: Aaron picks up a part time job to bring in some more
income. He also becomes aggravated with the sound of the
Supernova. He decides to rethink the production strategy, and the
new equipment.

He is the producer, so it is his call.

Week Four: Aaron requests that we use the entire $2500.00 line of
credit. Shrink down the V-Drum set-up, and purchase an Akai
Sampler (as well). I hate to loose drums from the deal, but I agree
that if it gets the recording done, it’s worth it.

Mind you, we still have not even begun step one. It has been a
month, now.