The Record Producer
Page 44
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Week Five: Aaron develops a new production strategy on his own;
this one involves a Clavia Nord Lead 3 (an analog synthesizer). He
felt that we should increase the equipment budget to $3200.00.
Fortunately, the credit line was $2500.00 and that is the best it was
going to get.

Week Six: Aaron spends the almost the entire week, searching for
some sort of analog synthesizer online. He brainstorms other
avenues to get the extra cash. I practically abandon the equipment

At this point in my career, I had already come to believe that
experienced producers can make better recordings with a boom
box, than inexperienced producers can make with a multimillion
dollar studio. I believed that this was an issue of experience and
maturity, not the sound of an analog synthesizer.

Week Seven: Aaron begins to write a business plan; hoping to
attract investment for a new recording facility, salaries for me and
Chris, and of course more gear. This is mildly aggravating to Chris.
Remember, we had done this before. We know exactly, how much
time and money it requires to build a recording facility. At this point,
we are distracted with the post-production on an independent film.
The films producer has us doing ADR on an entire character. (Not
just any character, the most verbal of all the characters in the film.)

ADR stands for Automated Dialog Replacement