The Record Producer
Page 45
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Week Eight: Aaron appraises the gear for his studio business plan,
which actually is helpful.

This was the only good that came from the business plan. It helped
me illustrate, years later in this book, how obnoxious this whole
situation was. We had $65,126.53 worth of recording studio
equipment in that house, not counting the $2,500.00 we were about
to spend. I guess that was not enough to produce this album.

Week Nine: Chris, Aaron and I meet in the living room to discuss
the situation. Obviously, after 2 months, we still have not even
begun working on the project. Something needed to change.

I wish that I had read Execution at this point in my musical career.
Unfortunately, it was not around.

Aaron decided that the best plan was for him to go back to his job in
New York, where he could make fast cash, and could purchase the
Nord synthesizer. It is now November, so we agree to get back into
the studio in January.

Week Ten: Aaron quits his job in Pittsburgh, and packs for New
York. Chris and I continue working on the film.

Week Eleven: I drive Aaron back to Manhattan. He moves back in
with his girlfriend. A stunning, young, actress who lives just outside
of Times Square.