The Record Producer
Page 46
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Week Twelve: Thanksgiving. I visit my grandfather, and ask for
some advice. Remember: He is our biggest investor.
“Get the film deal done and over with,” he exclaims.

Week Thirteen: Chris secures the two of us an on location
recording job in Pittsburgh's south side. It is a pretty major
production, so the design and setup takes most of the week. We
also meet with the movie producer, and we create a plan to
complete the film by January.

Week Fourteen: I am fired from my part time job in Pittsburgh. I
come in 5 minutes late, and it is the second time, and to top it all off I
am black and this is Pittsburgh. They let me go, of course. Aaron
attends a wedding in Mexico, and decides to vacation there for the
next two weeks.

Week Fifteen: I ask my uncle to give me my old summer job back
part time in January.

The on location work that Chris was finding us, plus part time
working for my uncle provided enough income for the months ahead.

Week Sixteen: This is Christmas. I travel to Phoenix to visit my
Mom’s family. I do this because I am a loving son and family
member. (Oh yeah, and, it too damn cold in Pittsburgh at Christmas
time) Aaron must agree with me on this one, because he also visits
his family in San Francisco.