The Record Producer
Page 47
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Week Seventeen: Aaron, Dave Sargent (a friend of mine), and I
go to Las Vegas and party like rock stars for a couple days.
Incredibly hung-over, we rent a Cadillac Deville from Enterprise, and
drive back to Phoenix. When we get back, Aaron explains that he no
longer has any of the money he had been saving in New York.

I wonder how that happened?

We discuss where we stand on the project and finally come to the
conclusion that the Nord synthesizer is not necessary. As if agreeing
to revert back to the original plan is not gullible enough, I give Aaron
possession of the Sweetwater credit card!

Week Eighteen: I fly non-stop from Phoenix, AZ to Pittsburgh, PA.
Upon exiting the airport, I immediately get in my car drive six hours to
Aaron’s, girlfriends, apartment, in Manhattan. As Aaron's return fight
was to NYC, I went to bring him back to Mt. Lebanon. Then, I
focused all of my energy on getting the film done. I worked on this
daily, for the next three weeks. Wanting to focus all of his energy on
the project, Aaron decides not to return to his job in Pittsburgh.
Chris becomes even more irritated by the situation, because without
any income, Aaron is unable to contribute rent or bills.

Week Nineteen: Utilizing the Sweetwater credit card, Aaron
purchases a Proteus 2000 (synthesizer), and an
Akai Sampler. I,
having no balls, just accept that I will not be getting any
Besides, he is the Producer, so it is his call. He and Chris install the
new gear. At this point, Chris just wants the project to be done.