The Record Producer
Page 48
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Week Twenty: Aaron discovers my mother’s collection of 45
records and insists that we add them to his sample library. Aaron is
displeased with the quality of Chris' turntables, so he recruits a local
DJ. The DJ agrees to help us sample the 45’s in exchange for a free
demo. Chris takes care of the demo, as I am just finishing up the film
over at the film producer's place.

Week Twenty-One: Aaron spends the entire week in deep
discussions with Sweetwater’s tech support, as the Akai sampler is
having major problems. After finally completing post production on
the film, I decide to take another break from the winter. I spend
the next week in Phoenix.

Week Twenty-Two: Chris meets up with the film producer at our
home studio to wrap up the deal. Together, they watch the film with
its completed audio, and the producer gives Chris a check.
Unfortunately, a couple of days later, Chris calls and informs me that
the check bounced.

Week Twenty-Three: Chris focuses on collecting our damn movie
check. Upon my return to Pittsburgh, I rent an electronic drumset
from a company called
Volkwein’s. They are not V-drums, but I think
they will suffice. Although, Aaron explains that we cannot trigger any
of his drum samples because the Akai sampler is not recognizing the
file names.