The Record Producer
Page 49
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Week Twenty-Four: Aaron and I spend the entire week renaming
15,000 drum samples. Chris files a complaint with the local
magistrate. They set a date for us to go to court with
Five Cent
Productions (the film company). At this point, it is the only company
that we have had to sue.

Lucky for us, the case was open and shut.

Week Twenty-Five: Aaron convinces a buddy of ours, who works
at Guitar Center, to loan him an analog synthesizer. Finally, we have
all of the necessary equipment! Aaron begins Step 1, yet he is still
unsatisfied with the sound.

Week Twenty-Six: Aaron becomes frustrated and stir-crazy. He
decides to "relieve some stress" by visiting his girlfriend in
Manhattan. He packs for the trip. Chris and I spend time preparing
for our court case.

Week Twenty-Seven: Aaron leaves for New York. He is still on
Step 1, so I rent the electronic drums for another month. With Aaron
out of town, Chris and I both express anxiety about Aaron's ability to
produce. Also, frequent power outages in Mt. Lebanon make it
apparent that our power supply is no longer operational.

Week Twenty-Eight: Aaron returns from vacation. We sit down and
decide on a time table of 5 weeks for the completing the project. The
Akai sampler continues to malfunction, but Chris convinces Aaron
that a software sampler will better suit his needs.